Anterior Quest | Rockford IL

The Anterior Quest HG Containment System is the #1 solution for amalgam containment!

Anterior Quest HG Containment SystemOur HG Containment System is the most revolutionary and total amalgam containment system on the market that guarantees 100% removal of mercury and amalgam from dental waste water! It’s a system that removes 100%, you heard that right, 100% of the mercury from the waste water that leaves our office. Even though Illinois has no regulations on the water quality that leaves our office we feel it’s just as important to contain the mercury for safe disposal as it is to safely remove it from our patients mouths.

We are the ONLY office in ILLINOIS to have this system! Isn’t it a beauty?!?!

Anterior Quest HG Containment System inside delivery truckHere we have Anterior Quest at our office pumping out all of our mercury containing waste water and transporting it to their licensed disposal facility for safe recycling.