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We are very excited to introduce you to the protocol we have put in place to safely remove silver (mercury) fillings. Let’s face it, there is no safe level of mercury exposure, and because of that we are taking every precaution to make sure our patient is safe. As you see in the photo of Dr. Pamela Schmidt and Betsy they are wearing full surgical cap and gown, a respirator type mask, the patient is on an alternate air source (oxygen), they are using a specialized suction tip to quickly and cleanly remove the filling particles, the patient is draped in a disposable cloth, and we use a room evacuator to take care of the aerosol particles close to the field of operation. We are the only practice in the area that takes the removal of these toxic fillings so seriously.

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Dentists removing an amalgam fillingRoom evacuator for dental treatmentDentists removing an amalgam fillings

Dentists removing an amalgam fillings

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